Prioritizing financial goals can be overwhelming

We guide you in creating a blueprint that gives you peace of mind.

We Look at the Whole Picture

Recommendations are made only after we understand how all the pieces of a client’s financial puzzle fit together.


Clarify personal goals and quantify those which are financial so that the Plan may be oriented toward their attainment.

Long Term Spending Plan

Analyze current living expenses versus current income. Prepare 25-year projections for future anticipated living expenses, income taxes, and all sources of income to provide a framework for decision-making that can be updated from time to time as changing circumstances require.

Investment Plan

Determine the return on investments that is appropriate to achieve personal goals. We review the results of the Long-Term Spending Plan consistent with the client’s risk tolerance and time horizon. We will then develop an asset allocation model and investment policy for our clients. By segregating comprehensive planning from investing, we maintain the integrity of the investment process.

Insurance Capital Needs Analysis

Review adequacy of types and amounts of coverage: property & casualty, health and major medical, excess liability, disability, life insurance, and the need/desirability of long-term care coverage.

Income Tax Planning

In cooperation with the client's accounting professionals, make appropriate recommendations for minimizing federal and state taxes. This includes consideration of tax avoidance or deferral strategies such as tax-free bonds, use of IRA and qualified retirement plans, and Alternative Minimum Tax planning.

Estate Planning

Review current wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and related documents. We will provide recommendations for revisions or amendments. We will also analyze beneficiary designations and allocation of assets by title. Consideration will be given to both Testamentary and lifetime gifting strategies consistent with personal goals and spending projections.

Our process is dynamic, we work with you creating the plan in manageable pieces.

We help you with implementing your plan, monitoring the details and communicating with you regularly to make sure you stay on track.