Meeting the Needs of Divorcing Clients

We assist clients understand how the financial decisions they make today will impact their financial future. We examine the financial issues of your divorce and provide you with powerful data to help support your case.

We take an aggressive but elegant approach

The abundance mentality assumes there is something for everyone. Avoiding common mistakes and understanding the financial results is our goal.

When you go through a divorce, you will be forced to reexamine your financial future with a new set of facts that will be a significant departure from your status as a married person.

Accepting where you are and choosing to move forward is when we enter the picture.

The goal of divorce financial planning is to make you fully aware of your options, the fair and reasonable value of your assets, and how your decisions will impact your financial future.

We have identified 3 stages on this journey, we are prepared to step in at any stage. We encourage our clients to reach out even before they contact an attorney or mediator. We offer a free one-hour consultation that our clients have found helpful to prepare and inform them on what their journey might look like from a financial perspective.


Gather and Assess Financial Information

We understand the volume of information to assemble can be overwhelming. Our role is to work with you to identify and collect financial data from the marriage. We have a comprehensive documentation checklist which identifies key documents that will be required in the financial data collection process. We use these documents to help you prepare your financial affidavit, financial statement, or mediator documents.

Budget. Analyze, and Goal Setting

A budgeting and cashflow analysis is prepared to give you a comprehensive understanding of what your post-divorce lifestyle will be like. We also review with you your goals for your new life, and some must haves you are looking for in a settlement.

All of this information is critical as we help you analyze possible settlement options. As we review options, we will help you understand the financial and tax consequences of taking ownership of certain assets and how they impact the settlement agreement.

We help you reach a settlement that fully addresses your long-term financial needs.

Develop a Comprehensive Financial Plan

A written comprehensive plan is your strategy for achieving your financial goals and objectives. You are starting a new life and with that comes many changes. We look at all the pieces and give you guidance with your best interest in mind. We help you with implementing the plan, monitoring the details, and communicating with you regularly to make sure you stay on course in your new life. You got this!