An Improved Approach to Navigate Divorce

We assist clients understand how the financial decisions they make today will impact their financial future. We examine the financial issues of your divorce and provide you with powerful data to help support your case.

How We Help Our Clients

We give you a personalized financial plan for your divorce.

Clients receive:

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Expert CDFA financial analysis to begin untangling and documenting your marital finances.

Mandatory Financial Disclosures

We prepare all the financial disclosures and documents you’ll need; you give us the documents and we will complete the forms.

Settlement Negotiation Tool

A complete inventory of your unique marital assets and settlement options for each asset. We use this tool to help you evaluate settlement proposals. We also evaluate the longer-term horizon to make sure your future is secure.

Divorce Preparation Platform

A secure cloud folder that organizes your financial divorce documents and analysis with easy access for your divorce team. The folder can also be used to share documents with your spouse and their team. Being organized and letting us do the work instead of your attorney will save time and money.

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Divorcing Individuals

Everyone going through a divorce experiences a unique circumstance, and no two divorces unfold in an identical manner. Regardless of whether you initiated the divorce or unexpectedly find yourself navigating an unwanted journey, it is important to familiarize yourself with the various issues and choices at hand to attain the most favorable resolution.

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Post Divorce

Even though your divorce may have reached its conclusion, a settlement doesn't imply that everything is resolved. It is essential to engage in thoughtful planning, which includes considering the welfare of your family. The purpose of our planning is to assist you in achieving the lifestyle you aspire to.

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Attorney Services

Leverage our specialized knowledge in divorce financial matters for the benefit of your clients.

Our team is dedicated to helping attorneys compile and evaluate detailed financial information.

To ensure that your client's financial declaration adequately supports their case, we meticulously review all documents, statements, and records to authenticate each line item. If needed we provide specific case exhibits to aid in the client's case and offer expert witness testimony.

We want you to know we are with your clients every step of the to make sure they have a comprehensive financial plan that is tailored to their situation before, during, and after the divorce settlement.

Gather and Assess Financial Information

We understand the volume of information to assemble can be overwhelming. Our role is to work with you to identify and collect financial data from the marriage. We have a comprehensive documentation checklist which identifies key documents that will be required in the financial data collection process. We use these documents to help you prepare your financial affidavit, financial statement, or mediator documents.

Budget. Analyze, and Goal Setting

A budgeting and cashflow analysis is prepared to give you a comprehensive understanding of what your post-divorce lifestyle will be like. We also review with you your goals for your new life, and some must haves you are looking for in a settlement.

All of this information is critical as we help you analyze possible settlement options. As we review options, we will help you understand the financial and tax consequences of taking ownership of certain assets and how they impact the settlement agreement.

We help you reach a settlement that fully addresses your long-term financial needs.

Develop a Comprehensive Financial Plan

A written comprehensive plan is your strategy for achieving your financial goals and objectives. You are starting a new life and with that comes many changes. We look at all the pieces and give you guidance with your best interest in mind. We help you with implementing the plan, monitoring the details, and communicating with you regularly to make sure you stay on course in your new life. You got this!

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